RDF, RBC launch year-long blood donation exercise

Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) and Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) have launched an annual blood donation exercise at Kami Military Barracks where 273 blood units were collected on the first day.

Speaking at the launch yesterday, Jeanne Bamurange, the team site leader from National Centre for Blood Transfusion Division under RBC said she was happy with the turn up of soldiers who came for the blood donation exercise.

“It is just amazing to see this spirit among our soldiers. They turned in big numbers, with good will, and donated blood. It is encouraging and serves as an example for the rest of the Rwandan community,” she said adding that “RDF is a loyal partner in this exercise”.

After donating blood; Maj Joseph Mustafa, one of RDF officers considered the donation a human act to save lives of people.

“ It is an act of good will and people should understand that every one may be in need of blood because of illness or serious injuries,’’ he explained.

The blood donation exercise, which kicked off on 15th January 2021, will cover a whole year calendar of collecting blood from different RDF units and formations.

In partnership with RDF, Rwanda Biomedical Centre has been collecting blood from the military since 2013.


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