Kayonza: Man commits suicide over wrangles with wife

A 44-year old man from Kigarama village, Nyamugari cell, Mwili sector of Kayonza district, Eastern Province has committed suicide by pesticide ingestion.

It is said that the man was rushed to Nyakabungo Health Center after inhaling pesticides.

The executive secretary of Mwili sector, Bright Nsoro said that the man drank pesticides after disputes with wife.

“He has drunk pesticides known as ‘Dudu’. His wife immediately alerted neighbors who rushed her husband to Nyakabungo Health Center which also transferred him to Gahini Hospital where he died upon arrival. We have learnt that the family was mired in disputes related to wealth misuse,” he said.

Nsoro explained that the man had sold harvested beans and spent all the money on beers. Arriving home, the man wrangled with wife and decided to commit suicide.

He appealed on residents to report conflicting families early to get assistance.


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