Man sports snake as face mask to beat coronavirus

The sight is more scary than the coronavirus itself. A commuter has been spotted using a snake as a face mask on a Manchester bus.

The man boarded the bus with the reptile wrapped around his neck and mouth, which appeared to be a satirising of coronavirus restrictions.

Man sports snake as face mask to beat coronavirus

“At first I thought he had a really funky mask on, then he let it crawl over the handrails,” a co-passenger expressed.

According to the reports, the animal did not bother any of the fellow passengers.

Another fellow described the sight was “definitely entertaining”.

“No one was really bothered on the bus but a man behind took a video. It was definitely entertaining.”

Using a face covering on public transport is mandatory in UK to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

After the video became viral, UK authorities clarified rules on face coverings that should be surgical or homemade masks, scarves or bandanas and confirmed a snake is not a valid face covering.

Now-a-days it is becoming a trend of using funny and weird face masks after the COVID outbreak all over the globe.

While some people use bottles or utensils, some in India came to the limelight using mask of pure gold. Masks having graphics printed on them of smokes, beard are also becoming popular.


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